TRIO Smart Control

Intelligent lighting control not only paves the way for the economical, energy-efficient use of lighting in the home, but also allows you to conveniently adapt various sources of light to meet your individual needs. Achieving the right lighting mood for the situation delivers greater home comfort and atmosphere. Intelligent lighting can enhance your house or apartment.

TRIO Smart Control offers a very convenient light control with its CLC (collective light control) system.

In co-operation with renowned light manufacturers, we chose Europe’s leading HomeMatic system in order to ensure a uniform standard for smart light control.

The CLC technology is only available for the German market yet.

The HomeMatic controller (www.homematic.com) or a Telecom Home Base from Qivicon (www.qivicon.com) makes light control easy via a smartphone or tablet APP.   The lights can also be switched and dimmed independently of the controller by using a handheld transmitter. Costly installations, like switch replacement, are not necessary! The normal switches remain functional.

Due to the co-operation with HomeMatic, clc lights are an integral part of a versatile home automation. The system allows, for example, the combination of light control with other home elements, such as blinds, radiators, and security and alerting systems.